Workshop on Machine Learning &  Big Data Analytics : Importance and Applications

Machine Learning is an evolutionary area that refers to the various techniques that is being used for the extraction of novel, valid, potentially useful and hidden information from a large set of data sets. On the other hand, big data can be defined as extremely large data sets that can be analyzed to reveal hidden patterns, trends and associations that can be utilized to take future decisions. It is difficult to handle such a huge data using single machine. Therefore, Big data techniques came up with the relief.

The workshop session of “Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics: Importance and Applications” aims to bring together researcher from both academics and industry to participate and present their work related to various aspects of the workshop theme.

Potential areas include, but not limited to 

  • Social media analysis
  • Machine Learning and Big Data Applications in Material Science
  • Machine Learning and Big Data Applications in Health care data analysis
  • Machine Learning and Big Data Applications in time series domain
  • Machine Learning and Big Data Applications in image classification and clustering
  • Data mining security for big data
  • Association analysis in big data research
  • Multimedia data mining
  • Text analysis and mining
  • Information retrieval through data mining
  • Visualization techniques in big data analysis
  • Parallel and distributed algorithms for big data mining
  • Stream data mining

Biography of the Workshop Speaker:

Dr. Sachin Kumar is working as a Postdoc researcher in College of Information Business Systems, National University of Science & Technology, MISiS, Moscow, Russia. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Machine Learning Applications. He has a good experience in Academics and Research. His area of interest lies in Machine Learning and Big data techniques, Natural Language Processing, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Materials Behavior Analysis and Forecasting etc.

Scope of the workshop:

In this workshop, He will cover certain aspects of Importance & Applications of Machine Learning and Big Data Techniques. He will also try our hand on different data sets, their preprocessing and will develop certain models.

Target audience:

Everyone Interested in Machine Learning and Big Data Techniques are welcome in this session.