Workshop on Botnet Network Forensics

In the field of computer science and information technology botnet forensics has become the hot topic of research investigation. Botnet attackers have become matter of concern as they have posed threat to the network security and internet users by creating a risk to the privacy, solvency, security and integrity of the individuals, business community, society and the nations at large. Botnet Forensics refers to the investigation of the Bot clues left after an attack, determining how an attack occurred and to what extent the network security is compromised. Using network forensics, we cannot only analyze and investigate the attack but also prevent every possible potential attack in the future. However using botnet forensics, we can analyze and investigate the botnet attack.

Potential areas include, but not limited to 

  • Botnet & Forensic Modeling
  • Evolution & Working of Botnets
  • Botnets & Crawlers
  • Research Issue with Forensic
  • Forensic Science & Botnet Role
  • Data & Botnet with Web technology
  • Importance of Crawling & Forensics Applications

Biography of the Workshop Speaker:

Speaker Profile:

Dr. Anchit Bijalwan is Associate professor with Uttaranchal University, Dehradun, India and he is currently working on a UNDP, Africa from October, 2017. He holds PhD degree in “Investigation of Botnet Attacks”. He is a versatile personality with a very good academic experience with under graduate and post graduate engineering students. He has an extensive research exposure with publication in many national and international reputed journals. In order to nurture and promote creativity and innovation in research he has been guiding and mentoring many research projects for the post graduate and PhD students. He also has good administrative skills. His area of interest is Network forensics, Botnet, Internet of things, Machine learning and big data analytics.


The scope of the Workshop:

In this workshop speaker will cover all aspects related to Network and Botnet forensics. He will cover Identification, attribution, acquisition and postmortem activities of network and botnet forensics.

Target Audience:

Everyone who is interested in privacy and security are welcome in this workshop