RICE-2018 : List of Accepted Papers

 01 Binod Kumar, Rajiv Ranjan Suman and Binod Kumar Singh :: Activity Synchronization Among Different Distributed Systems
 02  Vishakha Shah and Saurabh Shah ::Adaptive FPGA Based Three Phase Controller Inverter
 03 Suryakant Deshpande, Sachin Deshmukh and Lovely Mutneja :: A Hybrid approach to mine frequent itemsets efficiently
 04 Shashikant Thorat :: NFIS based psychometric test for employability
 05 Rajat Khurana, Kamaljit Kaur and Alok Kumar Singh Kushwaha :: Deep Survey on Visual Object Tracking in Surveillance Environment
 06 Sharmistha Roy, Suneeta Mohanty and Satarupa Mohanty :: An Efficient Hybrid MCDM based Approach for Car Selection in Automobile Industry
 07 Suneeta Mohanty, Prasant Pattnaik and Raghvendra Kumar :: Confidentiality Preserving Auditing to Achieve Data Integrity, Authentication and Non-repudiation
 08 Satarupa Mohanty, Suneeta Mohanty and Sharmistha Roy :: Exact Planted (l, d) Motif Search Algorithms : A Review
 09  Ashwini Ingole, Shailesh Kamble, Nileshsingh Thakur and Apurva Samdurkar :: Review on Fractal Compression and Motion Estimation Techniques
 10 Divya Kashilani, Lalit Damahe and Nileshsingh Thakur:: An Overview of Image Recognition and Retrieval of Clothing Items
11 Munish Kumar, Manish Kumar Jindal, Rajendra Kumar Sharma and Simpel Rani Jindal :: Performance Comparison of Several Feature Selection Techniques for Offline Handwritten Character Recognition
12 Dayan Bissoli, Wagner Altoe, Geraldo Mauri and Andre Amaral :: A simulated annealing metaheuristic for the bi-objective flexible job shop scheduling problem
13 Avanti Choudhary and Babaulal Choudhary :: An Adaptive Procedural Big Data analysis Methods for Weather Estimation
14 Sriramakrishnan Chandrasekaran :: Contemplated Method for predicting Disease by Deep Learning Approach over Big Data
15 Raghu T Mylavarapu :: A Method for approximated Deep Learning Towards dynamic sharing from big-data analysis
16 Yen Nguyen Thi Hoang, Cong Ngo Van, Khanh Phung Cong Phi, Cuong Nguyen Ha Huy, Vijender Kumar Solanki and Duc-Tan Tran :: An Improvement for Tomographic Density Imaging using Integration of DBIM and Interpolation
17 Radha Kalaskar, Dr.Bharati Harsoor and Rupam Das :: A Comprehensive Real Time Framework for Early Detection And Risk Prediction of Myocardial Ischemia Using
Combined framework of HRV and Pulse Arrival Time
18 Sharmistha Dey and Santanu Kumar Sen :: Trust Evaluation Model in Cloud Using Reputation, Recommendation and QOS Based Approach
19 Rajat Khurana and Alok Kushwaha ::A Deep Survey on Human Activity Recognition for Video Surveillance
20 Pooja Ghodsad :: Handling User Cold-start Problem for Group Recommender System Using Social Behaviour Wise Group Detection Method
21 Devesh Mishra, Krishna Kant Agrawal and Ram Suchit Yadav ::Contemporary Status of Machine prognostics in Process Industries Based on Oil and Gas: A Critical Analysis
22 Victor M. Alvarez, Ramiro Velazquez, Sebastian Gutierrez and Josué Enríquez-Zárate ::A Method for Facial Emotion Recognition Based on Interest Points
23 Sebastián Gutiérrez, Carlos Acero and Pedro M. Rodrigo :: Domotic Control System for Blinds with Zigbee Communication Mobile Device
24 Jeronimo Alvarez, Arturo Acero, Sebastian Gutierrez, Pedro M. Rodrigo and Aimé Lay-Ekuakille :: A Low Cost Presence Detection System for Smart Homes
25 Victor M. Alvarez, Claudia Sanchez, Sebastian Gutierrez, Julieta Domínguez-Soberanes and Ramiro Velazquez :: Facial Emotion Recognition: A Comparison of Different Landmark-Based Classifiers
26 Claudia Sanchez, Sebastian Gutierrez, Julieta Dominguez and Mario Graff ::Landscape Images distance using Kullback Leibler divergence
27 Shankey Garg, Jyotir Moy Chatterjee and Raghvendra Kumar ::Design of a Simple Gas Knob: An Application of IoT
28 Pravin Choudhary and M.S. Ali::FPGA-Based Adaptive Task Scheduler for Real-Time Embedded Systems
29 Amol Bhagat, Samar Khan and Priti Khodke :: An Approach to Fault Tolerant Key Generation and Secure Spread Spectrum Communication
30 Vikram Kakade, Sachin Deshmukh and Abhijit Kalbande :: Construction of Shape Recognition and Retrieval algorithm in DIP
31 Amol Bhagat :: An Adaptive Approach for Controller Placement Problem in Software Defined Networks
32 Amol Bhagat, Alhad Welankiwar and Shubham Sherekar :: Fault Detection in Railway Tracks using ANN
33 Amol Bhagat :: Behavioral Analysis of Students and Faculties
34 Abhishek Agrawal and Surendra Dalu :: Energy Efficient Algorithms for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
35 Sushil Bakhtar and Surendra Dalu :: Design and Implementation of Low Power Pipeline ADC
36 Ashish Semwal, Kanchan Naithani and V.M. Thakkar ::English Language Speech Recognition using MFCC and HMM
37 Avinash Mahalle and Ameed Shah An Efficient Design for Canny Edge Detection Algorithm using Xilinx System Generator information on submission 83
38 Pravin Satav and Pradeep Jawandhiya:: An Energy Efficient Route Selection in MANET With AOMDV Routing Algorithm information
39 Nikhil Koditala and Purnendu Shekhar Pandey :: Water Quality Monitoring System using IoT and Machine Learning
40 Sai Sankeerth Reddy, Sakethram Gangam, Sai Sumanth, Purnendu Shekhar Pandey and Boyapati Yasaswi ::Appliance Automation using LiFi with MQTT in a Hybrid Star & Tree Network Setup
41 Vivek Kumar, Roman Zinovyev, Abhishek Verma, Vijay Bhaskar Semwal and Sergey Gromov :: Performance evaluation of Lazy and Decision Tree Classifier: A data mining technique approach for global celebrity’s death analysis
42 Amitkumar Bhusari and Pradip Jawandhiya :: Anonymity based Secure Cross layer Routing Protocol for Mobile Adhoc Networks.
43 Neeraj Kumar, Raees Khan and A Agrawal :: Emergency Alert Networks for Disaster Management: Applications perspective.
44 Zeeshanurrahim Sheikh and Kashmira Kasat :: Design of Cleaner Using Antidrop Voice Controlled Robot.
45 Harshad Pawar and Dinesh Harkut ::Classical and Quantum Cryptography for Image Encryption & Decryption.
46 Rashmi Sonar and Rani Lande::Javolution – Solution for Real Time Embedded System.
47 Sangita Gudadhe:: Selection & Detection of Skin And Skin Color Background Under Complex Background.
48 Amit kumar Ranit and Prakash Durge ::Different Techniques of Flood Forecasting and their Applications.
49 Sachin Kumar, Marina Nezhurina and Bharti Sharma ::Responsible Factors of Powered Two Wheeler Accidents: A Comprehensive Review.
50 Thi Ngoc Anh Nguyen-Duc, Quang Dat Nguyen-Thi, Thi Van Nguyen-Ngoc, Ngoc Doanh Nguyen and Le An Ngo :: Wavelet-artificial neural network model for water level forecasting.
51 Rachana Jaiswal and Milind Sarode :: Comparative Study Of Different Segmentation Techniques Applied to Ultrasound Images.
52 Ms. Rani Lande, Ms. Susmita Meshram and Ms. Pranita Deshmukh Smart banking using IoT.
53 Prabhjot Kaur, Anchit Bijalwan and Amit Awasthi :: Adhesive Model for Collection and Auto Storage of Colossal Health Data for Epidemiological Studies.
54 Nitesh Behare, Shrikant Waghulkar and Saurabh Shah :: A theoretical perspective on Customer Experience (CX) in Digital Business Strategy.
55 Pranjali Deshmukh and Salim Amdani :: Virtual Memory Optimization Techniques in Cloud Computing.
56 Arti Rana and Arvind Singh Rawat :: Application of Multi layer (Perceptron) Artificial Neural Network in the Diagnosis System: A Systematic Review.
57 Harsha Vyawahare, Pravin Karde and V M Thakare :: A Hybrid Database Approach Using Graph and Relational Database.
58 Pooja More :: Cloud Data Security using Attribute-based KeyAggregate Cryptosystem.
59 Susmita Meshram and Rani Lande :: Traffic surveillance by using image processing.
60 Pooja Nawandar and Vinaya Gohokar :: Design and Development of Multisensory Smart Assistive Technology for Blind Persons.